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Antípoda Integrator Program

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    What is AIP?

    AIP is a program for OEM, Robotics & Systems Integration companies.
    AIP provides online tools for reducing engineering and project development timelines, gives direct engineering access to CAD blocks, operating manuals, bill of materials, spare parts, catalogues and certificates.

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    Main Features

    It offers tools to boost the capacity to deliver reliable products in a short term to our closest partners. It grants the access to Antípoda’s online libraries such as 2D drawings, 3D drawings, manuals and allows engineering to engineering documentation.

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Box Handling Catalogue Pallet Handling Catalogue

Company Profile

Antípoda General Pallet Handling

Contact and Enquiry

Antípoda - Pallet Enquiry Form Antípoda - P&P Enquiry Form
Pallet Handling


Roller Conveyor Roller to Roller Transmission

Roller Conveyor Tangential Chain Transmission

Chain Conveyor

Single Level Transfer

Double Level Transfer

Turntable with No Side Cover Roller Conveyor

Turntable with Side Cover Roller Conveyor

Pneumatic Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Stack Guide

Forklift Pallet Guides

RGV Pallet Transfer

Low Shape Conveyor

Forklift Bumper


Conveyor supports

Pneumatic / Electric Stopper

Fixed end stopper

Adustable Photocell & Reflector bracker

Walkover plate – roller conveyor

Pneumatic pallet indexer – roller conveyor

RGV rail

RGV fixed stopper

P&P Handling

Line-shaft modules

Line-Shaft Straight roller conveyor

Line-Shaft Alignement roller conveyor

Line-Shaft Herringbone roller conveyor

Line-Shaft Recirculation conveyor

Line-Shaft 30°/45 roller merge

24V modules

24V ZPA Straight roller conveyor

24V ZPA Alignement roller conveyor

24V ZPA Herringbone roller conveyor

24V Recirculation conveyor

24V ZPA 30°/45°/90° roller curve

24V ZPA 30°/45 roller merge

24V Adjustable manual roller conveyor table

24V ZPA - 90° Transfer

24V ZPA - 30° / 45° POP-UP diverter

24V Roller conveyor Lift Gate

24V ZPA Belt conveyor

24V ZPA Diverter Module

Belt conveyor modules

Top drive Belt Conveyor

Central drive Belt Conveyor

Gooseneck Belt Conveyor

90° Belt conveyor curve

Vertical conveyors

400V - Vertical Lifter

400V - Vertical Lifter

400V - Spiral Conveyor

Other modules

Straight gravity Roller Conveyor

Ball Table

Extendable gravity Roller Conveyor


Pneumatic / Electric Stopper

Fixed end stopper

Adjustable side guides

Fixed Side Guides


Adustable Photocell & Reflector bracker

Standard Photocell & Reflector bracker

Frame connections

Auxiliary Guide wheel

Side to Side Chain Transmission

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us

Antípoda’s core strength lies in its technological team of engineers, designers and technicians, with extensive experience in industrial equipment and solutions, and its excellence in customer service and maintenance.



Rua Julieta Ubaldina Miranda, Nº 106 Lote 17
4470-441 Maia

Contact Number

+351 229 535 437
+351 229 548 226 (fax)

E-mail Address

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Antipoda Integrator Program Terms and Conditions

By accessing the information available on the Antipoda Integrator Program, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of ANTIPODA’s confidential non-discloser agreement.

Program Benefits
Online 2 and 3D CAD drawings
Direct intercompany engineering communications
Access BOM - Bill of materials, spare parts, documentation
Guaranteed global price

Antipoda Integrator Program
Level 1
Web access to 2D and 3D blocks. Bill of materials, purchase history and documentation will be available soon.

Level 2
Repeat container shipments, annual purchases (under development)

Level 3
PDP, inter company collaboration, benefits (under development)

Confidential Information Internal Use Only